OPERATION RESTORATION: Help Elderly Egret Retire In Style

OPERATION RESTORATION:  Help Elderly Egret Retire In Style

Egret Who Watched Over Nurses
At Hartford Hospital Will Need
Repair Work And Accommodations

Old Hepatitis, as she was nicknamed, is the egret fountain statue which stood in the center of the garden at Hartford Hospital School of Nursing. While it is not known exactly when she was called to duty, it is certain that Heppie provided peace, respite, beauty and grace for generations of caregivers. For at least 40 years and 160 seasons—through rain, sleet, hail, snow, high winds and beating sun—she remained loyal and steadfast. She never left her post.

Heppie welcomed hundreds of students with her outstretched wings and uplifted head, joyously spouting water skyward. She was a gift from the Heublein family to Hartford Hospital—The very same Heublein’s who built the tower on Avon Mountain! Unfortunately, the years were not very kind to the old gal. She’s weathered and wounded.

The Friends of the Heublein Tower are doing something special for Heppie. Something that would acknowledge her decades of faithful service: They are sending her off to the Torrington, CT studio of metal sculptor, Michael McLaughlin, for R & R & R. Rest, Relaxation and Restoration! While she is there, they will prepare a room in the tower for her. By the fall of 2014, her make-over will be complete, and she will be ready to receive visitors in her new retirement roost.

Donate to Thank Heppie for Her Service!
Give dear Ol’ Heppie a proper send-off. Make a donation to fund her restorative spa treatments
and the feathering of her new nest.

The Story of a Nickname:
The nurses at Hartford Hospital named the egret Old Hepatitis* because the water in the fountain was often unpleasantly murky or “brackish.” In humans, the Hepatitis A virus could be contracted by drinking contaminated water. According the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the Great Egret’s natural habitat includes freshwater, brackish water (a salty mixture of river and seawater) and marine wetlands. No doubt, Heppie felt right at home in the fountain at the Nursing School garden!

* This fund raiser is not meant in any way to make fun of, make light of, or make money from any of the different types of Hepatitis. Hepatitis is a serious disease—one that could cause great suffering and death. The nickname, Old Hepatitis, has become a term of endearment for nurses who went to Hartford Hospital School of Nursing. Many still call the egret by this nickname. She brings back fond memories of their formative years of study.
OPERATION RESTORATION:  Repair Egret. Prepare Roost.

2014 Fund Raiser:  Friends of the Heublein Tower, Inc.